This is a my micromouse in MM2016.
Robot name is Exia that originate from Gundam00.
It has a suction design.



min max
MaxSpeed 3.5[m/s] 5.1[m/s]
MaxSpeed(diagonal) 3.2[m/s] 4.8[m/s]
Acceleration 18[m/s/s] 21[m/s/s]
Deceleration 22[m/s/s]
Turn 90 1.2[m/s] 1.9[m/s]
Turn 180 1.2[m/s] 2.0[m/s]
Turn 45 1.2[m/s] 1.9[m/s]
Turn 135 1.2[m/s] 1.9[m/s]
Turn 90(diagonal) 1.2[m/s] 1.9[m/s]
Size L 96mm,W 74mm,H 32?mm
Weight 108g
CPU RX631(64pin) IDE is e2studio
Motor 1717-003SR+IEH2-4096
Motor(for suction) DCX10S
Mortor Driver TB6614FNG
LED SFH4550 *4
Sensor (Photodiode) ST-1KL3A *4
Battery Nano-Tech 200mah×2 ⇒ 2Cell(7.4V)

Result of Cotest

Qualifying round


Final round 

Try 1 2 3 4 5 Best
Time 30.041 R 4.924 R R 4.924

2nd try is best run. at that time, turn velocity is 1.7m/s all.so Exia shoud run more fast.